Serum Infused Foundation Mocha


Arialwand's perfect airbrush foundation infused with skin care peptides to make skin look supple and more hydrated.

This is only one of eight blendable shades created to provide you the ability to customize your skin tone! 

Our shades include the following color and corresponding number in case you need to reorder referring to what originally was included in your Arialwand kit:

        ·         Porcelain - 1

        ·         Ivory – 2

        ·         Ivory beige – 3

        ·         True beige – 4

        ·         Warm beige – 5

        ·         Honey – 6

        ·         Mocha – 7

        ·         Natural Bronze - 8

Arialwand airbrush foundation is the ONLY one serum infused with anti-aging peptides. 

It also is:

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Light to full coverage
  • Alcohol free

  • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

Arialwand airbrush foundation is water-based and can be used in most airbrush systems!

1 fl oz