• Anti-Aging Makeup and Oxygen Airbrush System

    $299.00 $189.00

    Apply your make up and Skin Care serums in the most subliminal manner with Arialwand Anti-Aging Makeup and Oxygen Airbrush SystemSystem. 

    This perfect kit comes with:

    • Two (2) Anti-Aging Airbrush Foundations formulated to provide sheer to full coverage and all-day wear. Create a flawless complexion, concealing imperfections, improving skin texture and tone, while nourishing, hydrating and firming your skin.
    • One (1) Bronzer - ideal for contouring, shaping and defining your admirable look. 
    • Two (2) Luxurious Oxygen activated Serums (1fl. oz. Airbrush - Oxygen Hydra Mist Concentrated Moisturizing Complex and 1fl. oz. Lifting and Firming Potion  Collagen and Elastin)  loaded with potent actives, peptides, amino acids and more. The revolutionary Anti-Aging treatment combination with Oxygen therapy helps your skin retain essential moisture and treats the multiple causes of visible signs of ageing. It improves the cell structure of your skin, encourage firmness, elasticity and elastin production for truly uplifting results.

    Serums are great for face, neck, arms and hands.