Oxygen Therapy Age-Defying Airbrush Serums Trio


"Oxygen is essential.  For our skin, Oxygen rejuvenates dull, aging skin helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Oxygen promotes healthy and youthful looking skin.

 Oxygen increases blood circulation, allowing your skin to breathe again.  The number of blood cells and cell metabolism is stimulated; thereby, increasing production of new cells.  When your skin is breathing it allows your skin regime to produce better results as Oxygen opens your pores all throughout your delicate skin layers. 

 This revolutionary combination of pure Oxygen at a low to medium pressure, and customized serums through an airbrush wand acts as the ultimate delivery system for feeding your skin nutrients deep into the skin.  Oxygen infused skin care will increase the benefits of topically applied skincare solutions exponentially, helping your skin retain essential moisture, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles by releasing moisturizers into the skin.  With the help of Oxygen, your serums, minerals, nutrients will absorb quickly and more effectively. Oxygen delivered skincare improves the cell structure of your skin, encourages firmness, elasticity and elastin production for truly uplifting results.

 •           Plump out your fine lines and wrinkles INSTANTLY

•           Increase Strength of Collagen and Elastin fibers in the skin

•           Increase Suppleness and Elasticity

•           Increase in cell metabolism, thereby increasing production of new cells

•           Elevate Cellular Energy; Decrease Cellular Stress

•           Improve overall health of cells and surrounding tissue

•           Reduce Redness and Inflammation

Arialwand Serums are great for face, neck, arms, hands and thighs. 

Suitable for ALL skin types and for both men and women.

Oxygen Therapy Age-Defying Airbrush Serums  Trio 


Oxygen Hydra Mist Concentrated - Moisturizing Complex

Oxygen Intensifier - Collagen Infused Serum 

Lifting and Firming Potion - Collagen and elastin

1 fl oz.each